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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1969-1970-492

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cxxx Annual Report of the Delegacy Gold and Lowe Β 'Measurement of solvent isotope effects with the glass electrode Part The dissociation constants of acetic and boric acid in D20 and DaO- H20 mixtures Chem Soc 1968 1923 Gold Oakenfull and Riley 'The acetate-catalysed hydrolysis of aryl acetates Chem Soc 1968 515 Gold and Waterman 'Reactions of kcten acetals Part The hydrolysis of cyanoketen dimethyl- acetal general acid catalysis and kinetic hydrogen isotope effects Chem Soc 1968 839 'Reactions of keten acetals Part II The hydrolysis of 2-dichloromethyl- ene-1 diozolan general acid catalysis and rate and product hydrogen isotope effects Chem Soc 1968 849 Gilchrist and Rees Synthesis of bromo-2-pyrones and their reactions with bases Chem Soc 1968 769 'Addition reactions of esters of Feist's acid Chem Soc 1968 776 Henbest Η and Jackson 'Aspects of stereochemistry Part XIX Directive effects of remote sub- stituents on the alkaline epoxidation of oxo-A4-steroids Chem Soc 1967 2459 Hall 'Nucleophilic reactivity of organophosphorus compounds Parti The reaction of phosphonic and thiophosphonic acids with diethylmethyl- ketene ketal Chem Soc 1967 708 Hey 'Substitution aromatiquc homolytique Bull Soc Chim France 1968 1591 Hey Laing Katherine and Perkins 'The reaction of nitro-substituted benzoyl peroxides with pyridine Chem Soc 1967 2679 Hey Rees and Todd Alan 'Pyrolysis of 3-phenyl-1 benzotriazin4 -one Chem Soc 1968 1028 Hibbert and Satchell 'Acylation Part XXIV The cyanide catalysed hydrolysis of esters Chem Soc 1968 565 'Acylation Part XXV Reactions of acyl cyanides The spontaneous and catalysed benzoylation of butylamine in ether solution Chem Soc 1968 568
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