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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1969-1970-489

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Annual Report of the Delegacy cxxvii Published in Abstracts of International Congress of Photosynthesis Research 1968 Bradbeer Gyldenholm Wallis Μ and Whatley 'Studies on the biochemistry of chloroplast development' 175 Evans Ferredoxin-NAD reductase and the photoreduction of NAD by Chloro- bium thiosulphatophilum' 192 Hall and Telfer 'Effect of inorganic sulphur compounds on photophosphorylation in spinach chloroplasts' 146 Hall Evans and Whatley 'Properties of ferredoxins' 127 department of chemistry Abbot and Stirling 'Interception of sulphenate esters formed in the rearrangement of sul- phoxides Chem Comm 1968 165 Adsetts and Gold 'Radiation-induced aromatic hydrogen isotope exchange in aqueous solu- tion Chem Comm 1968 915 Alden Claissc Α and Davics 'Free-radical reactions of halogenated bridged polycyclic compounds Part VIII The addition of thiols to 7-hexachloro-5 6-di- methylenenorborn-2-ene Chem Soc 1968 1228 Alden and Davies 'Free-radical reactions of halogenated bridged polycyclic compounds Part IV The free-radical addition of polyhalogenomethanes and of thiols to dichloronorborna-2 5-diene and the preparation of 3-di- chloroquadricyclene Chem Soc 1967 2007 'Hydrogenolysis reactions of some polychlorinatcd norborn-2-cnes and the synthesis of 4-dichloronorborn-2-ene Chem Soc 1968 700 'The 2-methylenenorborn yl- norborn-2-en-2-ylmethyl allylic radi- cal system Chem Soc 1968 709 Alden Davies and in part Rowley 'Free radical reactions of halogenated bridged polycyclic compounds Part VII The addition of methanethiol bromotrichloromethane and chloroform to dichloronorbom-2-ene Chem Soc 1968 705 Appleyard and Stirling 'Elimination-Addition Part XIV Addition of carboxylate ions to allenes and acetylenes and use of the adducts in acylation Chem Soc 1967 2686
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