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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1969-1970-486

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cxxiv Annual Report of the Delegacy Gould 'The nature of high molecular weight fragments of ribosomal RNA molec Biol 29 1967 307 Gratzer 'Conformational states of glucagon Biochem biophys Res Commnn 28 1967 9H Gratzer Beaven Ratdc and Bradbury Ε Ά conformational study of glucagon Eur Biochem 1968 276 Hookes Randall Sir John and Hopkins 'Problems of morphopoicsis and macromolccular structure in cilia Symp int Soc Cell Biol 1967 115 Lowy and Vibert 'Structure and organization of actin in molluscan smooth muscle Nature 215 1967 1254 Palau Pardon and Richards Β 'The reversibility of the dissociation of nucleohistone by salt Biochim biophys Acta 138 1967 633 Pardon Ά modified theory for the Fourier transform for coiled-coil Acta crystallogr 23 1967 937 Pardon Wilkins Μ and Richards Β 'Molecular structure super-helical model for nucleohistone Nature 215 1967 508 Pelc and Appleton 'Distribution of tritiated thymidine in animals as shown by water-soluble autoradiography Reprinted from Colloquium on chemical stability of tritiated pyrimidine nucleosides and some problems raised by their use in biology Mol March 16th-17th 1965 Pelc Stroun Charles and Anker 'Metabolic DNA in heart and skeletal muscle and in the intestine of mice Nature 216 1967 716 Pelc and Welton Quantitative evaluation of tritium in autoradiography and bio- chemistry Nature 216 1967 925 'Autoradiography and the photographic process Advances in Optical and Electron Microscopy Vol Ed Barer Coslett Academic Press 1968 Randall Sir John Cavalier-Smith McVittie Α Warr and Hopkins 'Developmental and control processes in the basal bodies and flagella of Chlamydomonas rcinhardii Devi Biol Supplement 1967 43
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