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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1968-1969-472

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cxxx Annual Report of the Delegacy Cox with Vickerman The Protozoa John Murray with Vickerman Pinocytosis in Plasmodium vinckei Ann trop Med Parasit 60 293-6 with Vickerman 'Merozoite formation in the erythrocytic stages of the malaria parasite Plasmodium vinckei Trans roy Soc trop Med Hyg 61 303-12 with Voller Studies on cross immunity between the malaria para- sites of rodents Ann trop Med Parasit 60 297 303 Eltringham 'Environmental factors influencing the settlement activity and reproduc- tion of the wood-boring isopod Limnoria Material und Organismen Supplement Holz und Organismen 465-78 'The survival of mute swan cygnets Bird Study 13 204-7 Hawkins Shirley with Wolstenholme 'Cytoplasmic DNA-containing bodies and the inheritance of certain cytoplasmically determined characters in amoebae Nature 210 928-29 Cnidaria and Ctenophora In Larousse Animal Life Paul Hamlyn Healey 'An ecological study of temperatures in Welsh moorland soil 1962-63 Anim Ecol 36 425-34 'The population metabolism of Onychiurusprocampatus Gisin Progress in Soil Biology ed Graff and Satchell pp 127-37 Vieweg Brunswick Pye Synthesising the waveforms of bats' pulses Symp Animal Sonar Sys- terns Biology and Bionics 43-65 'Theories of sonar systems and their application to biological organisms Symp Animal Sonar Systems Biology and Bionics 1121-36 Sewell Gillian Ultrasound in adult rodents Nature 213 512 FACULTY OF MEDICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT OF ANATOMY Cordingley and Nicol 'The lung an excretory route for macro-molecules and particles Physiol 190 1967 7P 'Bronchial excretion physiological route Anat 101 1967 606 Lester and Boyde 'Electron microscopy of developing dentinal surfaces Calc Tiss Res 1967 44-54 'An electron microscope study of fractured dentinal surfaces Cat Tiss Res 1967 122-36
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