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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1968-1969-464

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cxxii Annual Report of the Delegacy Palmer and Kalina 'The inhibition by tetrazolium salts of the oxidation of nicotinamide- adenine dinucleotide linked substrates by mitochondria isolated from Jerusalem artichoke tubers Biochem 101 1966 14P Thornley Η Gibson Whadey and Hall 'Comment on recent model of the iron complex in spinach ferredoxin Biochem Biophys Res Comm 24 1966 877-9 Wood Α and Bradbeer Studies in seed dormancy II The nucleic acid metabolism of the coty- ledons oiCorylus avellana seeds New Phytol 66 17-26 DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY Alden and Davies 'Free-radical reactions of halogenated bridged polycyclic compounds Part III The free-radical addition of alkanethiols bromotrichloro- methane and bromine to hexachloromethylenenorbornene Chem Soc 1967 1017 Arthur Flowerday and Perkins 'Novel heteroaromatic compounds related to acepleiadylene Chem Comm 1967 410 Aylett and Emsley 'The preparation and properties of dimethylamino- and diethylamino- silane Chem Soc 1967 652 Beattie and Halina Chudzynska 'The vibrational spectra of some chloro-complexes of sulphur selenium and tellurium in the oxidation state Chem Soc 1967 984 Cadogan Hey and Sharp 'Quantitative studies of homolytic hydrogen abstraction from aliphatic compounds Chain-transfer constants in the presence of styrene Chem Soc 1966 933 Synthetic aspects of free radical addition reactions Part Alkylation of compounds containing activated methylene and methine groups Chem Soc 1966 1743 Synthetic aspects of free-radical addition reactions Part VI The relative reactivities of ethyl malonate and related compounds towards oct-1-ene Chem Soc 1967 803 Cadogan and Sadler Quantitative aspects of radical addition Part IV Rate-constant ratios for addition of trichloromethyl and thiyl radicals to olefins Chem Soc 1966 1191 Capon Perkins and Rees 'Organic Reaction Mechanisms 1966 Interscience Publishers London New York Sydney 1967
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