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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1968-1969-463

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Annual Report of the Delegacy cxxi Tooze Gussin Capecchi Adamo Argetsinger Weber and Watson 'Protein synthesis directed by RNA phage messengers Cold Spring Harbor Symposium No 31 'The Genetic Code 1966 Welton and Pelc Specificity of the stereochemical relationship between ribonucleic acid- triplets and amino-acids Nature 209 1966 870 Wilkins Μ Pardon and Richards Β 'Molecular structure super-helical model for nucleohistone Nature 21$ 1967 508 DEPARTMENT OF BOTANY Bradbeer and Anderson Glycollate formation in chloroplast preparations Biochemistry of Chloro- plasts ed Goodwin ii 175-9 Academic Press London and New York 1967 Bradbeer and Colman 'Studies in seed dormancy The metabolism of 2-I4c acetate by chilled seeds oiCorylus avellana New Phytol 66 1967 5-15 Gibson Hall Thornley Η and Whatley 'The iron complex in spinach ferredoxin Proc Natl Acad Sci 56 1966 987-90 Grant and Whatley 'Some factors affecting the onset of cyclic photophosphorylation Bio- chemistry oj Chloroplasts ed Goodwin II 505-22 Academic Press London and New York 1967 Hall and Whatley 'The chloroplast Chap in Enzyme Cytology ed Roodyn Academic Press London 1967 Hiller and Whatley 'Photosynthesis the present state of our knowledge The Advancement of Science 23 1967 643-51 Horton Α Α and Hall '2-amino-1 tricyanopropene new inhibitor of oxygen evolution in photosynthesis Biochim Biophys Acta 131 1967 201-3 Nobel 'Calcium uptake ATPase and photophosphorylation by chloroplasts in vitro Nature 214 1967 875-77 Palmer 'The influence of growth regulating substances on the development of enhanced metabolic rates in thin slices of beetroot storage tissues Plant Physiology 41 1966 1173-8
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