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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1968-1969-462

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cxx Annual Report of the Delegacy Fuller Hutchinson Spencer and Wilkins Μ 'Molecular and crystal structures of double-helical RNA An X-ray diffraction study of fragmented yeast RNA and preliminary double- helical RNA model molec Biol 27 1967 507-24 Fuller and Hodgson 'Conformation of the anticodon loop in tRNA Nature 215 1967 817- 21 Gratzer On the conformation of native and denatured nucleic acids Biochim biophys Acta 123 1966 431 'Circular dichroism of polypeptides Proc Soc 297 1967 163 Ultraviolet absorption spectra of polypeptides Chapter of Poly-x- amino Acids ed Fasman Dekke New York 1967 Gratzer and McClare Ά hyperchromic effect from pairing of purine and pyrimidine bases Am chem Soc 89 1967 4224 Hanson 'Axial period of actin filaments electron microscope studies Nature 213 1967 353 Lee Brown and Kosinski 'Loss of coding properties of the oligonucleotide adenylylrid ylylguanosine after photoreduction or hydration Biochem 103 1967 25c Lowy Hanson Elliott Millman Β andMcDonough 'The design of contractile systems Principles of Biomolecula Organisation ed Wolstenholme and Maeve O'Connor Churchill Ltd 1966 Millman Β Apparatus for simultaneous recording of length and tension changes in muscle Physiol 185 1966 12 Millman Β Elliott and Lowy 'Axial period of actin filaments X-ray diffraction studies Nature 213 1967 356 Parry and Elliott 'The structure of paracrystalline phase of poly-y-benzyl-L glutamate in dimethylformamide molec Biol 25 1967 Pelc and Moffat 'Delay after plucking of hairs between the appearance of 3H-thymidine in cells and its incorporation into DNA Expl Cell Res 42 1966 460 Richards and Simpkins Spectrophotometric titration studies on polyuridylic acid Biopolymers in press
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