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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1967-1968-448

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Annual Report of the Delegacy cxix Beattie Livingston and Webster 'The stereochemistry of some addition compounds of the PCl4 ion Chem Soc 1965 7421 Briody and Satchell 'Kinetics and mechanism of the reaction of diphenylketene with sub- stituted anilines in benzene solution Tetrahedron 1966 22 2649 Capon Perkins and Rees Organic Reaction Mechanisms 1965 Interscience Publishers London New York Sydney 1966 Claisse Α and Davies 'The addition of thiols to 6-dimethylenenorbornen-2-ene and its re- activity towards thiol addition relative to the reactivity of other bridged polycyclic olefins Chem Soc 1966 1045 Claisse Α Davies and in part Alden Some free radical addition reactions of hexachloronorbornadiene Chem Soc 1966 1498 Corbett and Williams 'Reactions of alkyl radicals Part II Reactions of alkylbenzenes with methyl radicals Photolytic formation and reactions of ethyl and H-butyl radicals Chem Soc 1966 877 Crampton and Gold 'The interaction of 5-trinitrobenzene and aliphatic amines Chem Comm 1965 549 'Reactions of aromatic nitro-compounds in alkaline media Part XI Structural investigations by proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy Chem Soc 1966 893 Crombie Games and Knight Μ 'Base-catalysed cyclisation of highly enolisable systems Diversion of path- way by magnesium chelation Chem Comm 1966 12 355 Cross and Robertson 'Use of etched metal foils for production of positive ions for field ioniza- tion mass spectrometry Sci lustrum 1966 43 475 Davies and Cristol Chapter on free-radical reactions of bridged cyclic compounds Vol Advances in Free-radical Chemistry Logos-Academic Press London 1966 Davies Hey and Marcello Tiecco 'The production of free radicals in the reaction of Grignard reagents with organic halides in the presence of cobaltous chloride Chem Soc 1965 7062 Durham LoisJ Studebaker and Perkins 'Long-range coupling in the proton magnetic resonance spectra of 4- dihydrobenzenes Chem Comm 1965 456
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