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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1967-1968-446

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Annual Report of the Delegacy cxvii Pelc and Welton 'Stereochemical relationship between coding triplets and amino acids Nature 209 1966 868 Richards Coll Α and Gratzer 'Disc electrophoresis of ribonucleic acid in polyacrylamide gels Analyti- cal Biochem 12 1965 452 Richards Snow and McClare 'Polyvinyl N-phenylenemaleimide new selective binding agent for thiols Biochemistry 1966 485 Tooze 'An investigation by electron microscopy of the nucleoside phosphatase activity of amphibian and mammalian erythrocytes Cell Biol 26 1965 209 Warr McVittie Α Randall Sir John and Hopkins 'Genetic control of flagellar structure in Chlamydomonas reinhardii Gent Res Camb 1966 335 Watson and Hynes Starch gel electrophoresis of the fibrillar proteins of the cilia of Tetra- hymena pyriformis Exp Cell Res 42 1966 348 Welton and Pelc Specificity of the stereochemical relationship between ribonucleic acid- triplets and amino-acids Nature 209 1966 870 Wilkins Μ Marvin Α and Hamilton 'Application of Fourier synthesis technique to low-resolution fibre difftac- tion data Preliminary study of deoxyribonucleic acid Acta Cryst 20 Part 1966 663 DEPARTMENT OF BOTANY Bradbeer andjarvis Separation of nucleotides nucleosides purines pyrimidines and some pyrimidine degradation products by two-dimensional paper chromato- graphy Chromatog 20 1965 624-6 Cowan and Lewis 'Somatic recombination in the dikaryon oiCoprinus lagopus Genet Res Camb 235-44 1966 Gahan The possible presence of aldehydes and carbohydrates in chromosomes and interphase nuclei Histochemie 1965 289-96 'Histochemical evidence for the presence of lipid on the chromosomes of animal cells Exp Cell Res 39 1965 136-44
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