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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1967-1968-140

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Library Facilities 149 Discipline All persons using the Library shall be subject to the discipline of the College Any grave or continued breach of these rules will be reported by the Librarian to the Principal or in the case of Theological student to the Dean Silence and good order shall be maintained in the Library Smoking is forbidden in the Library Bottles of ink shall not be brought into the Library 10 Places at reading tables shall not be reserved 11 Readers' clothing and other personal property shall not be allowed to encumber the Library 12 No notices posters or other advertisements shall be displayed on Library premises save with the consent of the Librarian 13 No reader when writing shall place the writing paper on any book be- longing to the Library nor shall he write in the book nor mark it nor allow it to be damaged in any way No Library book shall be used in such circum- stances as to jeopardise its safety nor shall any reader attempt to copy from any such book by photographic or other process save with the special permission of the Librarian 14 reader shall be responsible for the replacement or repair of any book lost or damaged while in his possession or for the payment of such fines as may be determined by the Principal or in the case of Theological students by the Dean If the book be out of print and not immediately obtainable the reader shall pay the Librarian's estimated cost of eventual replacement If the book be one of set or series the reader may be called upon to pay for the replacement of the whole set or series 15 Any reader may be required by member of the Library staff to submit for inspection the contents of any bag case or similar receptacle in his possession Availability of Books 16 Manuscripts and books of particular value or rarity are issued only at the discretion of the Librarian and shall not be removed from the Library without the special permission of the Librarian 17 Works of reference shall not be removed from the Library These are deemed to comprise dictionaries encyclopaedias atlases bibliographies ab- stracting journals current numbers of periodicals and such other works as may be so designated 18 Books required for use in connection with the teaching in any depart- ment are designated as reserved and are issued only for specified restricted periods in exchange for signed reserved book voucher No reserved book shall be removed from the Library and the reader is held responsible for it so long as his voucher remains unclaimed 19 University of London theses and dissertations may be issued for con- sultation in the Library only Any person wishing to consult such thesis or
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