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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1966-1967-139

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146 Library Facilities borrowed No such book shall be removed from the Library unless the consent of the lending library has been obtained 21 Subject to the limitations contained in the foregoing rules any reader may request the issue to him of any book belonging to the Library irrespective of the part of the Library in which it is normally housed 22 The Librarian may at his discretion withhold any particular book or impose special conditions governing its use Borrowing 23 Members of the Council or Delegacy Fellows of the College members of the academic staff and senior members of the administrative and library staffs of the College are entitled to have in their possession not more than twenty volumes at one time 24 Postgraduate students registered for master's or doctor's degree are entitled to have in their possession not more than ten volumes at time 25 Other regular students of the College are entitled to have in their possession not more than six volumes at time 26 Other borrowers are entitled to have in their possession not more than three volumes at time 27 Books designated as restricted to overnight or week-end borrowing shall not be removed from the Library before 30 and shall be returned by 10 30 on the next day that the Library is open save that books borrowed on Friday afternoon need not be returned until the following Monday morning 28 Books which are in constant demand are designated short loan books and may be borrowed for one week only in term Such book shall not be bor- rowed again by the same person within one week of its return 29 There is no time limit on the loan of any other book save as is imposed under rules 30-32 but in the interest of other readers no book shall be retained unnecessarily by any borrower 30 reader may request the Librarian to recall any book after it has been in the possession of the borrower for one week The borrower shall then return the book to the Library within three days in term or within one week in vacation 31 All books shall be returned to the Library for checking by the first Monday of the Michaelmas term They may be reissued on the following day 32 Students shall return all books to the Library by the first Monday of each term regardless of the date of borrowing They may be reissued on the following day 33 Borrowers who fail to return books by the dates prescribed for their return under Library rules 27 28 30 31 or 32 shall be liable to pay fine of 2s 6d per volume Students who fail to comply with this rule may in addition be suspended from the use of the Library until all books have been returned and all fines paid
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