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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1964-1965-386

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Annual Report xci Barnard with Ramel 'The complex of ribonuclease with substrate analogue cytidine 2'-phosphatc Nature 193 243-6 Studies on the active centre of yeast hexokinasc' Biochem 48 72-3 Editorial adviser International Review of Cytology Bell Surface extension as the mechanism of cellular movement and cell divi- sion Theoret Biol 104-6 'Polysaccharide and cell membranes Theoret Biol 132-3 'Some mechanisms involved in cell division Nature 193 190-1 'How locomotion and division are linked in living cells New Scientist 18 103-5 'Some observations concerning cell movement and cell cleavage Int Soc Cell Biol Symp 215-28 with Binglcy and Jcon 'The dcpolarisation of the amoeba cell membrane Exp Cell Res 28 208-13 with Jeon 'Pscudopod and foodcup formation Exp Cell Res 27 350-2 'Pseudopod formation and heparin Nature 195 400-1 'Locomotion of Amoeba proteus Nature 19S 675-6 Cox 'Preliminary diagnosis of Ischigualastia new genus of dicynodont from Argentina Berviora Mus Comp Zool Harvard No 156 Ά natural cast of the inner ear of dicynodont Amcr Mus Novit No 2116 'The dinosaur and its day Review of Ε Colbert Dinosaurs-their Discovery and their World New Scientist Cox Review of Corliss The Ciliated Protozoa Science Progress 30 501 'The role of the reticulo-endothelial system in experimental malaria Parasitology 52 8P with Nicol and Bilbcy 'Reticulo-endothelial activity in Haemamoeba Plasmodium gallinacea infections Protozool 10 107-9 Dawes 'On the growtli and maturation of Fasciola hepatica in the mouse Helminthol 36 11-38 'Juvenile and mature Fasciola hepatica obtained from experimental infections of the mouse series illustrating the general features of growth and maturation Trans Roy Soc Trap Med Hyg 56 13-T4 'Additional notes on the growth of Fasciola hepatica in the mouse with some remarks about recent researches in Belgium Helminthol 36 259-68
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