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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1964-1965-385

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xc Annual Report Stokes The Theory of the Optical Properties of Inhomogencous Materials and Spon London 1963 Sykes Self-avoiding walks on the simple cubic lattice Chem Phys 39 1963 410-2 Sykes and Essam Some exact critical percolation probabilities for bond and site problems in two dimensions Phys Rev Letters 10 1963 Wilkinson Mould Η and Ebsworth Ε Α 'Vibrational spectra of silyl isothiocyanate Trans Far Soc $8 1962 1069 Wilkinson Hirst Field and Morse 'Some aspects of solid state infra-red spectroscopy VII European Cong Mol Spec Budapest 1963 48 Wilkinson The spectroscopic properties of nucleic acids Comprehensive Biochemistry Elsevier Amsterdam 1963 293 'Low frequency infra-red spectroscopy Infra-red Spectroscopy and Mole- ailar Structure Elsevier Amsterdam 1963 85 DEPARTMENT ΟΓ ZOOLOGY Arthur 'Ticks from the Mwingi-Garissa region of Kenya Ann Mag vat Hist Ser 13 541 'Recent advances in our knowledge of the dog fish Vol IV in series Biology In press 'The post-pharyngeal gut of the earthworm Lumhricus terrestrisL Proc Zool Soc Loud 141 663-75 'The movement of the gut of the earthworm Lumbricus terrestris School Science Review In press Barnard 'Studies on the active centre of ribonuclcasc Angcwandtc Chemie In press Chimia 17 240-1 with Kendall 'An electron stain for protein Roy Microscop Soc 81 203-6 with Ostrowski 'Applications of autoradiography to cytochemistry using direct-labelling methods Biochem 85 27-8 with Ostrowski Stocka and Darzynkiewicz 'Autoradiographic methods in enzyme cytochemistry Localisation of acetylcholineste- rase activity using 3Η-labelled irreversible inhibitor Exp Cell Res 31 89-99
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