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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1964-1965-380

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Annual Report lxxxv Bcattic and McQuillan 'Addition compounds of organo-tin lialidcs with Lewis bases Client Soc 1963 1519 Beattic McQuillan and Hulmc '5 Coordinatc tin Chan and Ind 1962 1429 Beattic McQuillan Rule and Webster 'The infra-red spectra of certain addition compounds of germanium and tin tetrachlorides in the caesium bromide region Client Soc 1963 1514 Bcattic and Webster 'The infra-red spectra of phosphorus and antimony pentachlorides and their ionisation in acetonitrilc Client Soc 1963 38 Bunyan and Cadogan 'The reactivity of organophosphorus compounds Part XIII Radical- chain transfer reactions of tricthyl phosphite new phosphorothiolatc synthesis Chem Soc 1962 2953 'The reactivity of organophosphorus compounds Part XIV Dcoxygena- tion of aromatic C-nitroso-compounds by tricthyl phosphite and tri- phenyl-phosphine new cyclisation reaction Chan Soc 1963 42 Burn and Cadogan Ά new oxidation of trialkyl phosphites Client and Ind 1963 736 Bum Cadogan and in part Bunyan 'The reactivity of organophospliorus compounds Part XV Reactions of diaroyl peroxides with triethyl phosphite Chan Soc 1963 1527 Cadogan Ά convenient new method of aromatic arylation Client Soc 1962 4257 Cadogan and Cameron-Wood 'Reduction of nitrocompounds by tricthyl phosphite new cyclisation reaction Proc Client Soc 1962 361 Cadogan Cameron-Wood and Foster 'The reactivity of organophosphorus compounds Part XVI Photo- oxidation of trialkyl phosphites Chan Soc 1963 2549 Cadogan and Duell Mrs 'Quantitative aspects of radical addition Parti The addition of bromo- trichloromethane to cis- and fr w5-stilbcnc Chem Soc 1962 4154 Cadogan Duell Mrs and Inward י Quantitative aspects of radical addition Part II The orientation of the addition of trichloromethyl radicals to substituted iraiw-stilbenes Chem Soc 1962 4164
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