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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1963-1964-476

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ANNUAL REPORT lxxix Crombie and Peace Structure and stereochemistry of sumatrol and malaccol Chem Soc 1961 5445 Crombie and Whiting The constitution of neotenone and dolichone biogenetic con- nections in the sub-family Papilonatae Tetrahedron letters 1962 801 Crombie and Williams Lipids Part VIII Syntheses of octadeca-c -13- and tran -13 ene-9 11-diynoic acids and octadeca-cia-13 irans-15- and trans- 13 ra te-15-diene-9 11-diynoic acids Their status in nature 1' Chem Soc 1962 2449 Crossley Darby Henbest Η McCullough and Stewart method for exploring the dipolar character of transition states general directive effect of substituents in olefin addition reactions Tetrahedron Letters 1961 398 Cushen and Hulme The crystal and molecular structure of antimony tribromide β-antimony tribromide Chem Soc 1962 2218 Deavin and Rees Unusual reactions of toluene-p-sulphonylhydrazide Chem Soc 1961 4970 Duell and Robertson Decomposition of formic acid on nickel and copper wires with normal catalytic activity and with catalytic superactivity Trans Faraday Soc 57 1961 1416 Emerson and Rees The deoxygenation of heterocyclic N-oxides Part novel oxygen- and peroxide-catalysed reduction of pyridine-1-oxide with triethylphosphite Chem Soc 1962 1917 The deoxygenation of heterocyclic N-oxides Part II Polaro- graphic reduction CUm Soc 1962 1923 Foster and Williams Aroyl peroxides Part The decomposition of benzoyl peroxide in alkylbenzenes Proc Chem Soc 1962 107 Gold The H0 function and general acid catalysis in aromatic hydrogen exchange and other proton transfer reactions Proc Chem Soc 1961 453 Steric effects in acid-base reactions Progress in Stereo- chemistry Vol 169 Butterworth London 1962 Habib and Rees The rearrangement of certain quinoxaline-carboxyanilides to spiro-compounds Chem Soc 1962 123
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