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SYLLABUS OF CLASSES 211 -FOR CHEMISTRY STUDENTS Materials and Structures Mechanical properties of materials Simple and compound stresses two-dimensional strain Mohr's stress and strain circle Strain-gauge rosettes Elastic constants and their relationship Theory of bending shearing force and bending moment diagrams for statically determinate and indeterminate cases flexural stresses dis- tribution of shear stress in cross-section of beam Slopes and de- flections of beams area-moment method Asymmetrical bending Torsion combined bending and torsion shear centre Theory of stability of long columns eccentric loading of tie bars and short columns core of section Plate springs and helical springs Strain energy Castigliano's theorem Thin shells under internal pressure Impact loading rotating rings and discs Continuous beams Simple pin-jointed frames and arches Theories of elastic failure Plastic theory of bending Mechanics of Fluids Properties of fluids fluids at rest intensity of pressure pressure variation with altitude forces on submerged surfaces pressure measure- ment equilibrium of submerged bodies Fluids in motion-uniform non-uniform steady unsteady viscous and turbulent fluid flows significance of Reynolds Number pressure- gradient and fluid acceleration general energy equation and its applica- tions energy losses impulse with change of momentum and its applica- tions resistance to flow in pipes flow with free surface measurement of fluid velocity and rate of flow Mechanics of Machines Principles of applied mechanics Mechanisms simple velocity and acceleration diagrams instan- taneous centre of rotation The reciprocating engine velocity and acceleration of piston and connecting rod inertia effects piston effort turning moment dia- grams flywheels Friction screw threads bearings clutches brakes transmission of power by ropes and belts Toothed gearing simple compound and epicyclic trains spur gears Heat and Thermodynamics Basic concepts relating to heat engines and refrigerators The working fluid thermodynamic state and cycle of operations The First Law of Thermodynamics internal energy and enthalpy Applications to particular fluids liquids vapours and perfect gases Energy equations for fluid flow
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