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SYLLABUSES OF COURSES 197 PART II Mathematics Partial differentiation Maxima and minima of functions of several independent variables Multiple integrals Change of independent variables Vector algebra and analysis Line surface and volume integrals Differential equations including first and second order equations integrable by quadratures linear differential equations with constant coefficients equations reducible to these and simultaneous linear equations with constant coefficients Orthogonal systems of curves particularly coaxal circles and confocal conies Pole and polar Use of inversion Simple partial differential equations The Poisson and Laplace Equations Spherical Trigonometry Fourier Series and numerical harmonic analysis Use of determinants Three dimensional co-ordinate geometry of straight lines planes and simple surfaces with their tangent planes and normals Mechanics of Fluids Fluids in motion Dynamical similarity and its applications use of dimensionless parameters dimensional analysis solid boundary re- sistance to fluid flow laminar and turbulent boundary layers surface and form resistances of solid bodies in fluid flow flow with free surface tranquil critical and rapid flows analysis of free surface waves and surges resistance to flow in conduits flow distribution in pipe networks pressure-surge in pipelines pressure-surge regulation impulse and reaction turbines pumps cavitation fluid transmission of power lubrication Engineering Metallurgy The structure of metals and alloys Mechanical properties of metals The working and joining of metals Friction and wear of metals Elementary corrosion and protection of metals Properties and heat treatment of cast irons steels brasses bronzes aluminium alloys bearing metals and other alloys Elementary study of the electrical properties of metals Introduction to nuclear power metallurgy
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