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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1963-1964-193

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194 FACULTY OF ENGINEERING SYLLABUSES OF COURSES PART Mathematics Revision of dynamics vector and scalar quantities angular motion easy cases of impulsive forces rotation of rigid bodies about fixed point relation of torque and angular acceleration moment of momentum angular kinetic energy first and second moments of area and moments of inertia radius of gyration units-c and ft lb sec systems and conversions between these Differentiation and integration of algebraic trigonometric exponen- tial logarithmic and hyperbolic functions Maxima and minima of functions of single variable Technique of integration including change of variable use of identi- ties and partial fractions Integration by parts Definite integrals including applications to arcs areas volumes first and second moments Formation and solution of simple first order differential equations Taylors and Maclaurin's series and other simple methods of expansion Approximate graphical and numerical solution of equations Simple geometrical properties of the circle parabola ellipse and hyperbola Complex numbers de Moivre's theorem Radius of curvature Introduction to the catenary Materials and Structures Elementary introduction to atomic physics with special reference to the study of the solid state The mechanical structure of solids from the atomic point of view The mechanical properties of metallic crystals Ceramics and high-polymers Comparison of the physical and mechanical properties in metals and non-metals Theory of dis- location Simple and compound stresses two-dimensional strain Mohr stress and strain circle Strain-gauge rosettes Elastic constants and their relationship Theory of bending shearing force and bending moment diagram for statically determinate and indeterminate cases flexural stresses dis- tribution of shear stress in cross-section of beam Slopes and de- flections of beams area-moment method Asymmetrical bending Torsion combined bending and torsion shear centre
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