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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1961-1962-459

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lxxviii ANNUAL REPORT Barnard cont with Stein Some relations between enzymic activity chemical reactivity and urea-induced disorientations in ribo- nuclease Biochim Biophys Acta 37 371-2 Cloudsley-Thompson Animal Beiiaviour Oliver and Boyd with Sankey Land Invertebrates guide to British worms molluscs and arthropods excluding insects Methuen In press Microclimate diurnal rhythms and the conquest of the land by arthropods יי Int Bioclim Biomet 1-8 Factors in the synchronisation of animal clocks New Scient 104-5 Animal clocks Nature 184 763-5 The growth stages of Arixenia Dermaptera Proc ent Soc Lond 34 139-40 Studies in diurnal rhythms IX The water-relations of some nocturnal tropical arthropods Ent Exp Appl 249-56 "Notes on Arachnida 33-35 Ent mon Mag 95 179 216 223 Diurnal rhythms in terrestrial Arthropoda Proc 5th Conf Soc Biol Rhythm In press Some aspects of the fauna of the coastal dunes of the Bay of Biscay Ent mon Mag In press new sound-producing mechanism in centipedes Ent mon Mag In press Science and pseudoscience Sch Sci Rev In press Studies in diurnal rhythms Synchronisation of the endo- genous chronometer in Blaberus giganteus Dictyoptera Blattaria and in Gryllus campestris Li Orthoptera Gryllidae Ent Exp ct- Appl In press The ecological significance of diurnal rhythms in insects Entomologist In press with Gupta The effect of wind upon the nocturnal emer- gence of woodlice and other terrestrial arthropods IV Ent mon Mag 95 167-8 with Sankey Some aspects of the fauna of the district around Juniper Hall Miekleham Surrey Ent mon Mag In press Danielli with Coombs Μ Chlorination of proteins as method of increasing Nature 183 1237 with Muggleton Some alternative states of amoeba with special reference to life-span Oerontologia 76 An Experiment in the design of anti-tumour drugs Squibb Cen- tennial Lectures Putnam New York
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