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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1961-1962-452

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ANNUAL REPORT lxxi Gold Lambert and Satchell Aromatic tritium exchange in water and deuterium oxide Chem and Ind 1959 1312 The kinetics of hydrogen isotope exchange reactions Part The acid-catalysed detritiation of 03 p-cresol in water and in deuterium oxide Chew Soc 1960 2461 Gold and Riley Aromatic alkylation Part IV The velocity of diphenyl- methylation and indicator measurements in the system boron trifluoride-acetic acid Chem Soc 1960 2973 Guthrie and Honeyman X-Substituted glycosylamines Part IV N-Arylaldofuranosyl- amines N-p-nitrophenylaldosylamine acetates Chem Soc 1960 1598 Henbest Η and Slade Reactions between quinones and unsaturated amines Part II The detection of X-alkylvinylamines in equilibria with ethylid- eneamines Cliem Soc 1960 1555 Hey and Long Internuclear Cyclisation Part XV The catalytic decomposition of diazonium chlorides prepared from ortfo-substituted 2-amino- N-methylbenzanilides Chem Soc 1959 4110 Hey and Peters Reactions of aryl radicals with aliphatic compounds Part The reactions of phenyl radicals with carbon tetrachloride chloroform and bromoform Chem Soc 1960 79 Reactions of aryl radicals with aliphatic compounds Part II The reactions of phenyl radicals with some esters Chem Soc 1960 88 Hey and Rees The Skraup reaction with 2-aminobiphenyl Chem Soc 1960 905 Johnson Κ and Williams Homolytic reactions of aromatic side-chains Part Reactions of ieri -butylperoxide with aromatic compounds Chem Soc 1960 1168 Homolytic reactions of aromatic side-chains Part II Relative rates of o-hydrogen abstraction by ferf -butoxy radicals Chem Soc 1960 1446 Kresge and Satchell Secondary isotope effects and aromatic exchange reactions Tetrahedron Letters 13 1959 20 Pilpel Complex formation and emulsion stability Trans Faraday Soc 06 1960 893
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