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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1961-1962-451

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lxx ANNUAL REPORT Blackie and Gold Magnetometrie titration new method of chemical analysis Nature 183 1959 1804 The stability of the Zn CN 42 ion Chem Soc 1959 3932 magnetic investigation of cyanide complexes of nickel II in solution Chem Soc 1959 4033 The stability of the Ni CN 64 ion Chem Soc 1959 4037 Blair Bryce-Smith and Pengilly Liquid-phase photolysis Part Variation of isomer ratios with radical source in the phenylation of isopropylbenzene Photolytic generation of phenyl radicals Chem Soc 1959 3174 Blair and Bryce-Smith Liquid-phase photolysis Part II Iodobenzene Chem Soc 1960 1788 Bunyan and Hey Two new anodic reactions Proc Chem Soc 1959 366 Butler and Gold The spontaneous' and base-catalysed hydrolysis of acetic anhydride in deuterium oxide solution Proc Chem Soc 1960 17 Cadogan Reactions of pyridyl benzoates with some perbenzoic acids Chem Soc 1959 2844 Cadogan and in part Thomas The reactivity of organophosphorus compounds Part III The decomposition of 2-diethylaminoethyl diethyl phosphate and of S-2-diethylaminoethyl diethyl phosphorothioate Amibon' Chem Soc 1960 2248 Chaplin Hey and Honeyman The steroid series Part IV Some basic derivatives Chem Soc 1959 3194 Farmer Coloured alkali salts from sy -trinitrobenzene derivatives Part Pioryl derivatives Chem Soc 1959 3425 Coloured alkali salts from -trinitrobenzene derivatives Part II Phenoxy-compounds Chem Soc 1959 3430 Coloured alkali salts from -trinitrobenzene derivatives Part III Picramide derivatives Chem Soc 1959 3433 Gold The rates of acid-catalysed reactions in water -f deuterium oxide mixtures Trans Faraday Soc 1960 56 255 Kinetics of reactions in solution Annual Reports on the Pro- gress of Chemistry 56 1959 41
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