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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1957-1958-448

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lxii ANNUAL REPORT Stokes The theory of X-ray fibre diagrams Progress in Biophysics 140 ed Butler Butterworth Scientific Publications 1955 Walker Μ high speed recording microdensitometer suitable for cytological research Exp Cell Res 567 1955 Walker Μ and Deeley Ε recording microspectrophotometer Exp Cell Res 10 155 1956 Nuclear Radiations and Solid State Physics Benny Α Η and Champion Neutron bombardment of counting diamonds Proc Roy Soc Α 234 432 1956 Champion Some physical consequences of elementary defects in diamonds Proc Roy Soc Α 234 541 1956 Champion and Dale Variations in the photoconductivity and in the electrical counting properties of diamonds Proc Roy Soc Α 234 419 1956 Electronics and Information Theory MacKay Complementary measures of scientific information-content Methodos VII 63 1955 Cerebral Activity III Advancement of Science 392 1956 Towards an information-flow model of human behaviour Brit Psychol 47 30 1956 Theoretical Physics Booth and Whitehead Theory of the coagulation of emulsions Trans Farad Soc In press Domb and Dugdale Solid helium Progress in low temperature Physics II North Holland Publishing Company Domb On the internal pressures of He4 and He3 Proc Roy Soc In press Domb and Fisher Μ On the specific heats of compressible lattices and the theory of melting Proc Camb Phil Soc In press
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