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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1957-1958-446

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lx ANNUAL REPORT Hey Stirling and Williams Homolytic Aromatic Substitution Part The Phenylation of Pyridine Chem Soc 1955 3963 Homolytic Aromatic Substitution Part XII Reactions with Phenyliodosobenzoate Chem Soc 1956 1475 Honeyman and Morgan Sugar Nitrates Part II Chem Soc 1955 3660 Kharasch Williams and Nudenberg Reactions of Atoms and Free Radicals in Solution XXXVII The Cleavage of Quaternary Ammonium Salts with Grignard Reagents Org Chem 1955 20 937 Mossman Miss and Rideal Ε Sir On the Measurement of Charge on Individual Fibres Canad Chem 1956 34 88 Phillips and Rideal Ε Sir The Influence of Electrolytes on Gaseous Monolayers Neutral Films Proc Soy Soc 1955 A232 149 The Influence of Electrolytes on Gaseous Monolayers II Ionized Films Proc Boy Soc 1955 A232 159 Pilpel Some Properties of Certain Viscoelastic Liquids Trans Fara- day Soc 1955 51 1307 Viscoelasticity in Aqueous Soap Solutions Phys Chem 1956 60 779 Rideal Ε Sir and Robertson Sensitive Manometer for Rapid Chemical Reactions Sci Instruments 1955 32 349 DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS Biophysics Barter Danielli and Davies quantitative cytochemical method for estimating alkaline phosphatase activity Proc Boy Soc Β144 412 1955 Brown and Martin Α Fractionation of the deoxyribonucleic acid of T2 bacteriophage '' Nature 176 971 1955 Brown M'Ewen Μ and Pratt Μ Macromolecular weight and size of deoxypentose nucleic acids Nature 176 161 1955 Burge and RandaU The equivalence of electron microscope and X-ray observations on collagen fibres Proc Roy Soc 233 1955
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