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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1957-1958-332

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336 NAMES OF ASSOCIATES Elected Λ Home Faculty 1953 Benny Alan Hugh Berger Sc Science 1949 Benstead John Allen Arts 1940 Bent Marshall William Theology 1940 Berrey Arnold James Arts 1951 Berry Nellie Florence Patricia Arts 1943 Berryman Kathleen Mary Arte 1950 Bess Cyril Henry George Theology 1948 Best Laurie Lazarus Sc Science 1938 Billington Claude Wilfrid Theology 1940 Bireham Ronald George Theology 1938 Bircbett Ronald John Theology 1938 Birchmore Basil Arta 1948 Bird Geoffrey Neville Theology 1936 Bisby Harry Sc Science 1960 Biss Sidney Bverard Theology 1946 Black Arthur Charles Sc Science 1954 Blackmore Ceoflrey Frank Theology 1939 Blore Robert William Theology 1952 Boardman William Theology 1941 Bolsin Cyril Edward Theology 1951 Bond Charles Derek Theology 1954 Bonham Alan John Sc Engineering 1951 Boorer Audrey Joan Sc Science 1955 Booth Geoffrey Campion Sc Science 1941 Borrill John Theology 1943 Boshier John Henry Sc Science 1942 Boston nenry Theology 1952 Botting Michael Hugh Sc Science 1942 Bowden Cecil John Sc Science 1945 Bowen Margaret Mary Arts 1950 Bowers John Edward Theology 1952 Bowles Ronald Leonard Theology 1940 Bowyer Leonard John Theology 1948 Box David Norman Theology 1941 Box Reginald Gilbert Theology 1938 Boyles narry Cecil Theology 1949 Brassinne Norma Arts 1957 Breeze Muriel Joy Sc Science 1951 Bridgwater Laurence Arte 1938 Briggs Alfred Ambrose Arte 1945 Briggs Edmund James Seeds Nixon Medicine 1950 Briggs William Henry Arte 1942 Brigham narry Bulmer Theology 1947 Bright Hilda Mabel Β Arte 1947 Bromhead Mollie Stewart BA Arte 1952 Bromidge Robert Harold Theology 1939 Bromwich John Theology 1956 Brook Charles John Theology 1951 Brooman Edward George Theology 1954 Brown Colin Bertram Sc Engineering 1947 Brown John Alexander Hunter Medicine 1951 Brown John Denis Theology 1957 Brown Joseph Medicine 1946 Brown Muriel Gladye Sc Science 1956 Brown Patricia Mary Sc Science 1947 Browne Ileane Arts 1954 Browne Michael Sc Science 1948 Browne Zoe Margaret Arte 1956 Brownhill Lynn Frances Sc Science 1950 Bryant Kenneth Marrable Medicine 1942 Buckley Michael Richard Theology 1954 Bucknall Ann Gordon Sc Science
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