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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1944-1945-172

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182 FACULTY OF ENGINEERING The Civil and Mechanical Engineering Laboratories The Laboratories are open from 30 to daily except Saturdays The equipment includes the following apparatus Heal Engines and Applied Thermodynamics Babcock and Wilcox water-tube Boiler Small Yarrow water-tube Boiler Marshall Compound Steatn Engine De Laval Steam Turbine Surface Condenser and Air Pump Crossley Gas Engine Robey Heavy Oil Engine High-speed Diesel Engine Lister Single-cylinder Petrol Engine Hydraulic Dynamometers Two-stage Air Compressor Am- monia Refrigerator Ewing's Balancing Machine Calorimeters for solid liquid and gaseous fuel Apparatus for determining properties of steam Optical and other Indicators Farnborough Electrical Indicator Visco- meters and Flash-point Apparatus Strength of Materials and Structures 112 Ton Avery Horizontal Testing Machine 20 Ton Avery Vertical Testing machine for tension compression and bending Denison Test- ing machine for wire and beams 000 lbs Buckton Torsion machine 000 inch lbs and Torsionmeter Two Cement-testing Machines and Briquette-making Apparatus Vicat Needle Vickers Pyramid Hardness Testing Machine Impact Testing Machine Huggenberger Cambridge Ε wing and Lamb Extensometers 22 ft χ ft in Braced Girder and Rolling Loads for Deflection Experiments Fatigue Testing Machine Deformeter Gauges Microscopes and Brunsviga Calculator Cement Calorimeter Concrete Mixer and Motor Hydraulics and Mechanics of Fluids 3-Stage Worthington-Simpson Centrifugal Pump Single Stage Worthington-Simpson Centrifugal Pump with Transmission Dynamo- meter Gilkes Francis Turbine Pelton Wheel Measuring Notches Suction and Calibrating sumps Hydraulic Tilting Flume 44 ft long Stream-line Flow Apparatus Hydraulic tanks for gauging the flow of water through orifices and over notches Pipe Flow Apparatus Venturi Meter Pitot Tube &c Critical Velocity Apparatus Jet-reaction Apparatus Fluid Friction Rotation Apparatus Venturi Flumes for Channel Flow Chattock Tilting Manometer Air Flow motor fan and pipe line Mechanics Apparatus for the study of conditions of equilibrium of forces and couples Measurement of friction of surfaces bearings and belts Efficiency and mechanical advantage of simple machines Stiffness and vibration of springs Torsional oscillation Simple and compound pendulums Apparatus for determination of Moment of Inertia and study of linear and angular motion Verification of Boyle's Law Hydrostatic pressure Surveying Instruments Micrometer and Vernier Transit Theodolites Zeiss Autoset Kern and other Levels Marine and Box Sextants Plane Tables Base-line Apparatus &c
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