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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1944-1945-169

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SYLLABUSES OF COURSES 179 Mechanical Properties of Materials-Fatigue-Hardness Tests- Impact Tests-Effect of Temperature in Mechanical Properties- Theories of Failure Ī¶ -Hydraulics Second Year One lecture and one tutorial class per week Laboratory -One afternoon in alternate weeks Hydrostatics -Pressures and Centres of Pressures-Measurement of Pressure-Buoyancy and Stability of Floating Bodies Hydraulics of Flow -Streamline Flow-Bernoulli's Theorem- Radial Flow between Parallel Plates-Free and Forced Vortices- Viscosity-Streamline and Turbulent Flow in Pipes-Critical Velocity -Reynolds' Criterion-General Curve of Fluid Friction for Flow in Smooth Pipes-Pipe Lines-Hydraulic Gradient-Channels-Non- uniform Flow-Measurement of Flow-Venturi Meter-Notches and Orifices-Weirs-Current Meters-River Gauging -Theory and Design of Machines Second Year One lecture per week Drawing and tutorial class -One afternoon week Mechanisms-Vector Diagrams for Velocity and Acceleration- Instantaneous Centre of Rotation Toothed Gearing-Spur Spiral and Screw Gears Wheel Trains-Simple Compound and Epicyclic Trains-Cams Friction-Screw Threads Thrust Bearings Clutches Brakes Transmission of Power by Belts and Ropes Reciprocating Engine-Velocity and Acceleration of Piston and Connecting Rod- Inertia Effects-Piston Effort-Turning Moment Diagram-Flywheels Balancing of Revolving Masses -Theory of Heat Engines Second Year One lecture and one tutorial class per week The First Principles of Thermodynamics-Carnot's Principle- Entropy-The Properties of Steam-Steam Tables-The Expansion of Steam and use of Charts-Rankine Cycle-The Steam Engine- Compound Expansion-Use of Superheated Steam-Fuels and Com- bustion-Principles of operation of Steam and Internal Combustion Engines Air-compressors Refrigerators Laboratory -Michaelmas term one afternoon fortnight Lent term one afternoon week Easter term hours per week The Testing of Indicators Pressure Gauges and other apparatus used in Engine Trials-Experiments involving the use of Indicator Diagrams-Simple Engine Trials-Calorimetry course of lectures on the Testing of Power Plant will be given in Laboratory time
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