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114 FACULTY OF NATURAL SCIENCE GEOLOGY Head of the Department William Thomas Gordon Μ Δ Sc Professor The courses are designed for students who take Geology as subject for degree course and also for those who study this science as part of liberal education Thus the statement that course is suitable for particular examination does not mean that attention is confined solely to the subjects mentioned in the syllabus for that examination I-Intermediate Science -Physical Geology hr The Earth as Planet-Its larger surface features--Atmospheric agents and their effects-Action of surface and underground waters and of ice-The Ocean its movements and work-Distribution of temperature and pressure in the Earth and its density-The internal forces and their effects Subsidence and Elevation Volcanoes and Earthquakes-The nature modes of formation and occurrence of Aqueous Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks-Structural Geology Tbe characters and relations of rock-masses-Features produced by Denudation Y2-Mineralogy and Petrology hr Elements of Crystallography the common crystal forms and combinations Principles of crystallographic notation Elemen- tary Mineralogy the physical properties chemical composition and modes of occurrence of the commoner minerals Principles of the determination of rock-forming minerals in microscopic examination Y3-Stratigraphical Geology and Paleontology hr Disposition of rocks and representation of such on maps-Relative ages of rocks-Fossils their preservation and distribution in rocks- The more important fossil types mainly invertebrate animals-Use of fossils in stratigraphical geology-The geological systems as developed in Great Britain their broad characters and distribution Y4-Practical Geology hrs weekly throughout the session and an additional hrs weekly in second term Interpretation of Physical Maps with contour-lines and of simple Geological Maps Examination and drawing of crystals and crystal models Examina- tion and identification of common minerals and rocks in hand specimens and in sections under the microscope
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