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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1931-1932-226

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224 FACULTY OF ENGINEERING CIVIL AND MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Yj-Engineering Drawing First Year Two half-days per week -Lecture and Drawing Office Drawing Instruments and Scales-Principles of Plane and Solid Geometry-Isometric Projection-Drawing from Sketches-Production of Iron and Steel-Properties of Materials-The Design of Simple Machine parts including Rivets and Riveted Joints-Screwthreads Studs Bolts and Nuts-Joints-Keys and Cotters-Shafts and Shaft Couplings Stuffing Boxes and Bearings Valves Elementary Structural Drawing Fees -£8 8s Winter Session £4 4s Summer Session -Practical Applied Mathematics First Year One half-day Practical Work per week Graphics -Stress and Strain-Moduli of Elasticity-Tension Com- pression Shear-Elastic and Ultimate Strength-Ductility-Plasticity -Determination of Forces in Framed Structures and of Reactions Bending Moments and Shearing Forces in Beams-Determination of Areas Centroids and Moments of Inertia-Graphic Differentiation and Integration of Curves-Velocity and Acceleration Diagrams- Use of Slide Rule and Planimeter Laboratory -Use of Micrometers Vernier-Callipers and Protractor and of Weighing Apparatus-Experiments on Equilibrium of Uniplanar Forces and their Moments-Centre of Gravity-Friction of Non-lubricated Surfaces and of Belt on Pulley-Mechanical Advantage and Efficiency of Simple Machines-Flywheel-Moment of Inertia- Simple and Compound Pendulums-Linear and Torsional Oscillations -Specific Gravity of Liquids and Solids-Buoyancy-Hydrostatic Pressure-Boyle's Law Tensional Tests of Steel Bars-Load- Elongation Diagram-Determination of Young's Modulus-Com- pression and Shearing Tests -Strength and Elasticity of Materials Second Year One lecture per week Tutorial Class alternate weeks Laboratory -First and Third Terms one afternoon week in Second Term one afternoon alternate weeks Simple and Compound Stresses-Strain-Ellipse of Stress Moduli of Elasticity Theory of Bending-Deflection of Beams-Built-in Beams Beams of Variable Cross-section-Shear Stress in Beams
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