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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1925-1926-213

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212 FACULTY OF ENGINEERING -Theory or Machines and Machine Design Second Year One lecture per week throughout the Session Kinematics of Machinery-Mechanisms Transmission of Power by Ropes and Belts-Materials for Belting- Length and Strength of Belts-Resistance of Belts to Slipping- Centrifugal Tension-Connection by Belts of Shafts which are not parallel-Joints of Belts-Pulleys-Materials and Strength of Ropes- Friction of Ropes-Pulleys for Ropes-Wire Ropes-Strength Weight and Methods of joining-Stresses in Wire Ropes-Efficiency of Wire Rope Transmission-Chain and Chain Gearing-Spur Bevel and Helical Gearing-Teeth of Bevel Wheels-Strength of Toothed Wheels-Construction and Proportion of Wheels-Worm and Worm Wheels-Strength and Shape of Teeth-Cams and Cam Gearing- Design of Engine and Boiler Details-Crank Effort Diagrams-Inertia of Reciprocating Parts-Flywheels-Design of Valves-Slide Valves- Valve Diagrams-Friction and Lubrication-Brakes and Dynamo- meters Fee -U Us z6-Theory op Heat Engines Second Year Winter Session -One lecture per week Laws Governing Conversion of Heat into Work-The First Principles of Thermodynamics as Applied to the Expansion of Perfect Gas- Carnot's Principle-Entropy-The Properties of Steam and Heat Quantities involved in ite Formation-Steam Tables- The Expansion of Steam and use of Temperature-Entropy and Total Heat-Entropy Charts-Wire Drawing of Steam-Rankine Cycle-The Steam Engine- Indicators and Measurement of Indicated Horse-Power-Behaviour of Steam in Cylinder-Diagram Factor-Steam Jackets-Compound Expansion-Use of Superheated Steam-Fuels-Combustion Calorific Value-The Determination of Air Supply and Efficiency of Combustion from the Results of Flue-Gas Analysis τ ד Lent Term One afternoon per fortnight moratory jgummer Term 0ne afternoon per week The Testing of Indicators Pressure Gauges and other apparatus used in Engine Trials-Experiments involving the use of Indicator Diagrams-Simple Engine Trials-Calorimetry Course of Lectures on the Testing of Power Plant will be given in Laboratory time Fees -£3 3s Winter Session £1 Us 6d Summer Term
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