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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1899-1900-823

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ENTRANCE EXHIBITIONS clxxi are the units of length and time By what numbers will they be expressed when l£ feet and seconds are taken as the units haq ν Prove the triangle of forces Apply it to find the horizontal force required to support weight of 15 lbs on plane inclined at 30 to the horizon Shew that when body rests on rough horizontal plane the smallest force that will bring it into state bordering on motion will act in direction inclined upwards from the horizon at an angle equal to the limiting angle of friction ן &t Im&u indw tata Find the mechanical advantage of system of three movable pulleys and one fixed pulley arranged according to the third system If the weight of each pulley be 03s find the power required to sustain cwt III Ο flB OfI fifi "f'SJ fiTOf ΠΙΟ ί Ι ί 'ifO 1י flJliij if tf fit λ ί ד ν זיו γτ γϊ π ft י £ 0V oiiJ$ ΙΟ 13 88 10 ITfOO PI HJSP Χ ίί' ίΐν jj LI Η ί piece of brass of density 85 weighs 17 grams and floats in mercury density 136 find what volume of the brass in cubic centimetres is below the surface of the mercury What weight of platinum of density 21 would have to be attached to the brass in order that the combination might just sink in mercury Describe the Bramah Press In such press the dia- meter of the small piston is inch and that of the large piston foot the handle or lever is feet long pivoted at one end and the small piston rod is inches from the fulcrum what pressure in pounds weight must be applied at the end of the handle to lift tons on the ram State Boyle's Law and describe how you would prove it experimentally volume of gas under pree- sure of 740 of mercury and at 17 is subjected to pressure of 1850 to what temperature should it be raised in order that it may have the same volume as at first
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