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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1899-1900-822

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clxx ENTRANCE EXHIBITIONS Prove that the ratio of the areas of similar triangles is the duplicate ratio of their homologous sides Can this proposition be extended to other plane figures What is the corresponding proposition for solid figures What is meant by solid angle How is it measured What do you understand by the angle between two planes between two curved lines and between two ci rved surfaces ί Ά Τ "V 10 Explain how cube can be divided into equal pyra- raids on square bases and state what further propositions are necessary in order to be able to find the volume of any pyramid י' CLOTH WORKERS' EXHIBITIONS stone is thrown into the air at an angle of 45 to the horizon with velocity of 128 feet per second find the greatest height reached the time of flight and the range Specify the absolute units of force momentum and work belonging to the foot-second-pound system the system What number in the system will express momentum which is expressed by 15 in the foot- second-pound system inch 54 cm and lb 454 grams Two scale pans each weighing oz are suspended by weightless string over smooth pulley mass of oz is placed in one and oz in the other find the ac- celeration the tension of the string and the pressure on each pan during the motion Shew that the kinetic energy of moving body is represented by the expression mv2 where is the mass and ν the velocity of its motion State the principle of Conservation of Energy spring balance is attached to an ascending balloon and it is observed that weight of kilograms produces the same deflection as weight of 11 kilograms when the balance is at rest Find how far the balloon ascends in minute after starting from rest Lv ז velocity and an acceleration are expressed by the numbers 10 and 12 respectively when foot and second
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