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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1899-1900-821

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ENTRANCE EXHIBITIONS clxix 12 If raw material is bought at £4 15 per ton and the expenses of manufacture are 30 per cent of the cost of pro- duction find to farthing the price per lb at which the commodity must be sold to realise profit of 20 per cent on the whole outlay י זי ί 11 גי t7 li י Of τ ν 4J ii5 י ί £fc Vll "V lit זי Ϊ ft Mf τ if 11 ϊ 'I lL Ι ϊ "ί ί Ι III -EucItU λ 11111 λ ι τ ί 11 Μ Λ If 11 ן י Γ JVb more ifom questions to be attempted Warneford and Sambrooke Candidates are expected to answer questions 1-6 Clothworkers and Engineering Candidates are expected to answer questions and four others If two triangles have two sides of the one equal to two sides of the other and the angles opposite to one pair of equal sides equal prove that the angles opposite to the other pair of equal sides are either equal or supplementary ABC DEF are two isosceles triangles equal in area their bases BC EF are in the same straight line to which AD is perpendicular prove that DC is parallel to AF or AE What is the Geometrical and what the Algebraical meaning of square and what is the connection between them If straight line be divided into any two parts prove that the square described on the whole line exceeds the sum of the squares described on the parts by twice the rectangle con- tained by the parts In what ratio must chord divide the circumference of circle so that the angle in one segment may be times the angle in the other are points of trisection of the diameter ACDB of circle AEFB centre Ο CE DF are perpendicular to Β AF CE meet in BE DF in AF BE in Κ prove that circle will go round OGKH Describe an isosceles triangle having each of the angles at the base double of the angle at the vertex Also describe right-angled triangle with one of its acute angles times the other OABC OA'B'C are equal parallelograms having co- incident angles at AB C'B' meet in A'B CB in D' prove that ODD is straight line ρ
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