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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1899-1900-814

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clxii faculty of science cone axis vertical 46 high and diameter of base 45 penetrates sphere of 386 diameter The centre of the sphere is in the same horizontal line as the centre of the ίίΐβ qI Tift χ I- jji TOWOl Θ1 ITT TOOX η 81' ί י j- axis of the cone This line makes angle of 60 with the vertical plane and the two centres are 25 apart Giva in plan and elevation the resulting lines of penetration 111 ί υ נ י ι JL 11 exj ι -1 An upright wall high The ground slopes down 1v י יי יי from its base at gradient of in cord is tightly יי י ο IiOi 111 ί 35 Ϊ8 ii ί stretched from top of wall to ring in the ground 9' from the base of the wall What is the length of the cord rectangular block "x3 and having thickness 01 has in its centre hexagonal aperture The sides of the hexagon are in length and two of these are parallel to the long sides of the block Give isometric projection the block resting on one of its 4J 3f' faces if jy 1ץ ן Two trees and are 32 yards apart while third tree is 38 yards from and 22 from fourth tree is equidistant from all three Show the positions on your paper and state how far is from In the scale used 12 yards are represented by r" Redraw it when the same distance 12 yards is represented by 27 wo AWn Draw circle of diameter and place around it four equilateral triangles of side alternating with four right- angled triangles in contact with them The apices of all the triangles are on the circumference of the circleijiy anoif Construct diagonal scale of 45' 1" by which single feet may be measured Give representative fraction and mark upon scale distance of 173 1eq cylinder 4" long and diameter 3" has its axis vertical cone having axis of 4" and base of 2γ diameter pene- trates this The axis of the cone is parallel to and at 45 with The base of the cone is in elevation visible to our left and the two axes cross at their centres Show line of penetration 10 cone Its axis long and diameter of base The solid is so inclined that we see its base the axis making angle of 60 with and 30 with apex touching the ground Plan and elevation required WM if 'י 11 plan is drawn so that five furlongs arc represented
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