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FACULTY OF SCIENCE clvii State how and why the power factor varies with the load on an Induction Motor What precautions have to be taken in order that an Induction Motor may start with maximum torque Electrical Engineering EVENING CLASS In an alternate current Generator of the Siemens Type give the relation between the Volts at its terminals and the other quantities on which this potential difference depends when the machine is running on open circuit State the ordinary self-induction Theory which is in- tended to account for Armature reaction in an Alternate current Generator Explain how it can be demonstrated that this theory does not hold What do you understand by the reaction of choking coil upon an alternating potential difference applied to its terminals How would you express in defined symbols what goes on in an alternate current transformer when in action with no current in its secondary circuit In three phase Generator the potential difference Jmean2 between the ends of each of the circuits is kept constant On the assumption of constant current density show what saving of copper in given length of line wires connected to the Generator can be effected by the employ- ment of the mesh grouping of the Generator conductors as compared with the volume of copper required if six line wires were used and the circuits kept separate What advantage wonld be gained by employing the Star grouping of generator conductors for the same potential difference between the line wires State the requirements of an accurate Watt-meter for Alternate Currents Show how you would connect Kelvin Quadrant Electrometer to an alternate current circuit in order that it may indicate the power being transmitted State what effect the variation of potential difference of the needle through wide limits would have upon the accuracy of the instruineijt
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