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FACULTY OF SCIENCE cli Draw temperature entropy diagram for Rankine steam engine and for an ideal Otto gas engine shewing where in general the temperature entropy diagrams of the actual engines deviate most from their respective standards of comparison Distinguish between the conditions under which the adiabatic expansion of perfect gas and of steam may be carried out Assuming dry steam at pressure of 150 lbs in absolute and temperature 358 what would be its composition at the end of the expansion if it were expanded to three times its original volume adiabatically Explain the construction and use of the Zeuner diagram Given outside lap lead and cut off show how to find the Jirow and angle of advance of eccentric slide valve has travel of inches outside lap 75 inches inside lap 625 inches lead 25 inches Draw diagram showing the opening of the valve to steam and exhaust for every position of the crank An evaporator with 105 square feet of heating sur- face evaporates 818 lbs of water at atmospheric pressure in three hours the feed temperature being 66 and 972 lbs of steam supplied at temperature of 254 are condensed during the process boiler with 1837 sq ft heating surface evaporates 15800 lbs of water per hour at pressure of 180 lbs per sq inch and temperature of 379 the feed temperature being 60Q The coal had calorific value of 15000 per Λ יי י lb and 1750 lbs were burnt per hour Compare these two and for efficiency and for rate of heat transmission per square foot of heating surface per hour What is isochronism in governor Why is perfectly isochronous governor not used Sketch and theoretically examine two types of approximately isochronous governors Given the following data for steam engine determine the 's used per per minute and per per minute also 's required by Carnot Engine between same limits and the efficiency ratio Coal used per hour 525 lbs Calorific value 15 000 's per lb
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