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cxlvi FACULFY OF SCIENCE expended in generating- pound of steam be 000 thermal units and the external work done be 60 000ft lbs find how much internal work is done What is the difference between saturated and super- heated steam Show the relationship between the pressure volume and temperature of each What is entropy How could you employ an entropy- temperature diagram to measure the liquefaction which would take place during the adiabatic expansion of steam Compare the adiabatic expansion of air with the isothermal expansion lb of dry saturated steam at an absolute pressure of 1824 lbs per sq in temperature 374 2495 is made to expand adiabatically to pressure of 1016 lbs per sq in absolute temperature 194 3755 Find its volume after expansion If steam engine is supplied with steam at pressure of 226 lbs per sq in absolute temperature 392 and has condenser temperature of 105 how many thermal units per per hour would have to be supplied if it could turn into work 45 per cent as much as an ideal engine working on the Carnot cycle What is the work done during the isothermal expansion of lbs of air from an initial pressure of 175 lbs per sq in and temperature 1000 to twice its original volume In an engine trial the boiler temperature was 360 feed water used 15 lbs per per hour feed temperature 85 Assuming the boiler to supply dry steam find the expenditure of heat in thermal units per and compare it with the work done 10 lb of air occupying 30 cu ft is compressed in perfectly non-conducting cylinder from atmospheric pressure to pressure of 130 lbs per in How much work must be expended and what is the final temperature 11 Some experimental data of gas engine trial are given duration of trial 30 min -total gas used 59 cu ft gas pressure 32 in of water-gas temperature 59 calorific value of lb of gas 19 500 explosions per in 30-average pressure from indicator card 75 lbs per sq
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