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י FACULTY OF SCIENCE CXXXV Give brief explanation of the coloured rings and brushes observed when thin plate of uniaxal crystal cut perpen- dicular to the optic axis is illuminated by convergent plane polarised light and viewed by means of Nicol's prism What reasons have we for supposing that in con- ducting circuit the electrical energy is transmitted by means of the medium surrounding the conductor Have we any experimental evidence in support of the theory What is the function of the conducting circuit Describe the characteristic form of curve of magnetisa- tion for increasing and decreasing magnetising forces How does theory account for the form of the curve and for the phenomenon of י magnetic hysteresis' Describe the general effect of temperature and mechani- cal stress upon magnetic susceptibility 10 What is meant by the equation of the magnetic circuit Explain its use in estimating the effect of an air gap in the circuit 11 Describe the general principle of the dynamo Explain the effect of inductance in the circuit and the meaning of the term impedance Practical tyjaica SECOND YEAR Find by means of the balance the volume of the cylinder supplied and check your result by actual measure- ment Prove the relation connecting the time of vibration and length of simple pendulum and deduce the value of cg' Find the value of Young's Modulus for the given wire י Find the latent heat of fusion of ice Measure the coefficient of increase of pressure of air with the temperature under constant volume Measure the focal length of the given lens Measure the refractive index of water Find the moment of inertia of the suspended system
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