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cxxxiv FACULTY OF SCIENCE Define unit strength of magnetic pole What is the strength of pole which at distance of 15 cm repels pole of 50 units with force of dynes 10 State Faraday's Laws of Electrolysis What weight of silver would be deposited per hour from solution of silver nitrate by current of 12 amperes the electrochemical equivalent of silver being 001118 Λ 11 State the law of production of heat in circuit tra- versed by current battery of 10 Grove cells each of 18 volt and of an ohm internal resistance is joined to wire of ohms resistance What is the strength of current and how many heat units are developed per minute in the battery in the wire 12 Describe the essential parts of an induction coil and explain the use of each part THIRD YEAR Describe briefly the molecular theory of the constitution of matter in the solid liquid and gaseous states How does it account for the limits of elasticity of solid the viscosity of liquid the pressure of gas Explain the use of the Indicator Diagram Show that on such diagram where an adiabatic crosses an isothermal the inclination of the adiabatic to the volume axis is greater than that of the isothermal Explain clearly the meaning of the term 4available energy On what circumstances does the available energy of body depend Describo cycle for heat engine of maximum efficiency In what respects does the cycle of steam engine differ from this cycle Explain the phenomenon of reflexion of light on the wave theory Draw diagram showing the reflected waves due to point source of light in front of plane mirror Describe methods of obtaining beam of plane polarised
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