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CXXX FACULTY OF SCIENCE SECOND YEAR Give short explanation of the mode of propagation of sound wave in air Explain the terms wave length and amplitude How does the velocity of sound in air depend upon the temperature and pressure of the air tuning fork makes 256 vibrations per sec Calculate the length of the wave it produces when the temperature of the air is 15 Velocity of sound in air at is 090 ft per sec Explain what is meant by node and ventral segment How can these be shown experimentally in an organ pipe stopped organ pipe ft long when filled with certain gas gives the same note as an open pipe ft long filled with air Calculate the speed of sound in the gas assuming that in the air to be 100 ft per sec Explain the difference in the quality of musical notes of the same pitch How may this difference be studied experimentally Describe method for comparing the intensities of two sources of illumination How far must 5000-candle-power electric arc be placed from screen to give the same intensity as three standard candles placed 10 inches from the screen State the laws of refraction when ray of light passes from one medium to another Explain the phenomenon of total reflexion and desciibe an instance of its occurrence small object is placed cms ╬┤ 25 cms in front of convex lens whose focal length is 20 cms Find the position and magnification of the image in each case Show also how the images may be graphically con- structed What is meant by chromatic aberration produced by lens and to what is it due Explain how an uncoloured image may be produced by combination of lenses
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