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FACULTY OF SCIENCE cxxvii train moving at the rate of 30 miles an hour is brought to rest in 700 ft Find the brake power in lbs weight per ton mass of the train Find the horse power of water wheel which is turned by stream whose mean section is 11 sq ft and mean velocity ft per sec the height of the fall being 10 ft horse power 33 000 ft lbs per min cub ft of water weighs 62J lbs body whose weight is lbs is attached to spring balance in balloon When the balloon is ascending with uniform acceleration the body appears to weigh lbs Find the acceleration of the balloon If the balloon maintains constant speed of ascent of 10 ft per sec what would be the apparent weight of the body and why State and explain Newton's Third Law of Motion body is projected with velocity of ft per sec in direction making an angle of 60 with plane If it rebound in direction making an angle of 45 with the plane find the coefficient of elasticity and the velocity of rebound uniform bar ft long weighing lbs is loaded with lbs at one end lb at ft from that end and lbs at the other end Where must the bar be supported so as to rest in horizontal position 10 What is meant by the component of force in given direction Explain how boat can sail in direction inclined to the direction of the wind 11 rod ft long weighing lbs can turn freely about hinge at one end and is attached at the other end by string to point ft vertically above the hinge If the rod make an angle of 60 with the vertical find the tension of the string 12 What is meant by the mechanical advantage of machine Shew that the work done in raising weight by means of system of smooth pulleys whose weight may be neglected is the same as that done in lifting the weight directly through the same vertical height ill i' ί Οΐ tl י flui i'ijiliii fril Mi 1$Uj hU4 lii$l
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