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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1899-1900-776

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cxx1v FACULTY OF science cent profit The remainder is sold at cost price and the total profit is 115 cod Find how much of each kind he bought Convert into continued fraction Convert to the form --- 7r-i ό "4 and shew that the quotients recur fcuclfo VI and XI Queen's Scholars Year II and Candidates for London Uni- versify Intermediate Examinations Give Euclid's test of proportion and apply this test to ascertain whether the numbers are proportional Prove that triangles of the same altitude are proportional to their bases Two triangles have their bases in the same straight line and lie between the same parallels Prove that any straight line drawn parallel to the line of bases will have intercepted on it by the sides of the triangle parts which are proportional to the bases 10 If two triangles are equal in area and one angle of the one is equal or supplementary to an angle of the other prove that the sides about these angles are reciprocally pro- portional ABCD is square Ε point in BC AF perpendicular to ΛΕ meets CB produced in From Β BG is cut off equal to BE Show that the triangle BFG is half the square 11 Shew how to draw figure that shall be equal to one and similar to another given rectilineal figure 12 If three concurrent straight lines from cut the straight lines BC CA AB in respectively prove that BX CY AZ CX AY BZ
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