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FACULTY OF SCIENCE CXXUl Itttfjmettc Queen's Scholars Year and Candidates for the Special Matriculation Certificate lt flask containing 56 cubic inches is filled as often as possible from tank containing 50Q ounces of water How many pints will be left over cubic foot of water weighs thousand ounces and pint of water weighs pound and quarter Prove that fraction is increased in value by increasing or diminishing its numerator and denominator by the same number according as it is proper or improper Simplify jl7 027 05 of '3 of If women and boys weed T72 of field in days how long will it take women and boy to weed the rest of it the work done by women in 10 hours being the same as that done by boys in 12 hours rectangular window ft in long by ft in broad is divided into panes each in by in and all the glass costs Is Sd What will it cost to glaze the window if it is divided into panes each 12 in by 10 in and if the price per square inch of piece of glass is proportional to the number of square inches in the piece Find to the nearest farthing the Simple Interest on £471 8s 3ffl for years months at per cent per annum If Simple Interest be given at the rate of per cent per annum for what time would the Present Worth of bill be 15 per cent less than the amount of the bill and Β run quarter-mile race by running twice round outside circular line 220 yards in circumference If is always half yard from the line and Β is always abreast of and yard distant from by how many yards would Β beat if the race were run on the straight The circumference of circle is times its diameter grocer buys equal quantities of two kinds of coffee one at Is per lb the other at Is 46 He blends all he can in the ratio of to and sells the mixture at 25 per
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