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FACULTY OF SCIENCE C1X One planet goes round the sun in 36526 days another in 68698 days in the same plane each of these data being cor- rect to the nearest hundredth of day Find as accurately as the data permit how often they are in line with the sun An English dealer buys in Canada number of horses at uniform price The carriage of each to England is fifth of what it cost One out of every ten dies on the voyage He sells each of the rest at an advance of 40 on its Canadian price The purchaser of one quarter of them fails and only pays 3s 4rf in the £ What is the net profit or loss per cent of the horsedealer Simplify -- where ρ and are reciprocals and ρ stands for the ratio of x2 4y2 to x2 Sxy 2y2 Also find the term in which χ does not occur in the square of x2 x3 sfi What is meant by an equation ii solving an equation Write down examples of equations that are solvable ii insolvable iii conditionally solvable Give the full process of solution of ax2 2kx and shew how from it to solve the equation bx2 2hx Solve the equations 12 of £r ii 3x 4y 42 where ζ are the numbers of degrees in the angles of triangle Obtain relation between that ax2 2hxy by may be perfect square for all values of χ and If ax2 2hxy by2 can be made perfect square for all values of χ and by the addition of px qy prove that h2 ab aq2 2Apq bp2 Given measured ruler how would you determine whether two given angles are equal ii two given straight lines are parallel In the second case write out proposition of Euclid which establishes the validity of your test 10 If the mid-point of one diagonal of quadrilateral is
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