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FACULTY OF ARTS XC1 mankind Before men had text of holy scripture the sacred hymns which they knew by heart maintained the memory of the world's origin and the tradition of God's wonders Nothing equals the magnificence and fire of Moses' songs of praise the book of Job is poem full of the boldest and most majestic imagery the psalms will be source of admiration and comfort for all centuries and for all nations among whom the true God is known and understood All ucripture is full of poetry in the parts in which no trace of versification is to be found III Relate in 10 to 15 lines of French the death of Linh from 'Tuyet by Jules Claretie Nouvelles Contemporaries IV Grammar Give the 3rd pers sing Pres Indicative Future Im- perfect Subjunctive and Pluperfect Subjunctive and 2nd sing Imperative of Savoir voir devoir ne pas mourir se taire What is the gender of nouns ending in -ent -age -ure and -ie Name the exceptions What verbs govern the Subjunctive Name five that always take the Subjunctive and five that must be followed by the Indicative Illustrate by French sentence for each German Senior Division Grammatical Questions How are verbs of choosing appointing electing etc used in German Give examples and mention some verbs which govern two accusatives Show by example which of the following verbs and adjectives govern the genitive and dative respectively banfen id erinnern eifen ίφ riifjmen gennfi gefyorfam fafyig angenefym What prepositions and cases are used with verbs ex- pressing separation hope doubt fear wonder victory Give examples
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