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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1899-1900-735

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FACULTY OF ARTS Ιχχχϋί Juno et deorum quisquis amicior Afris inulta cesserat impotens יי Tellure victorum nepotes Rettulit inferias Jugurthae Aggeribus socer Alpinis atque arce Monoeci Descendens gener ad vers instructus Eois Give an account of the Roman conquest of Etruria and Liguria Where are the following places Clusium-Corae Populonia-Cortona-Telamon Describe the events which led to the incorporation of Greece in the Roman Empire Trace the steps by which Athens rose to the leadership of Greece after the Persian war Give short account of Solon-Alcibiades-Brasidas Philopoemen-Cyrus the Younger Write notes on the following Ostracism-the Heliaea the Seisactheia-the archonship of Euclides What new information on Athenian history is derived from Aristotle Τ Ti י ft li JW Vfr ft £7 tfi ft ft fit Ρ ί-ί 10 Compare the Roman with the Greek military organisa- tion fort L1 u£ moo tod י ϊ π biff 1ע ן fc ψ ψ ώ iTJ ί ingltij Ltterature J5 -4 Class ן Give some account of the verbs designated 'mutation 'mixed preterite-present 'anomalous י Translate into Modern English For Sam hit is on us eallum swutol and gesyrie pxt we 8er pisan oftor brsecon onne we bettan and Sy is Jnsse eode fela on ssege Ne dohte hit nu lange inne ne ute ac wses here and hunger bryne and blodgyte on gewelhwylcon ende oft and gelome and us stalu and cwalu stric and steorfa orfcwealm and uncoSu 1101 and hete and rypera reaflac derede swySe pearle and us ungylda swySe gedrehton and us unwedera for oft weoldau unwaestma Geseah 0a on searwum sigeeadig bill eald sweord eotenisc ecgum pyhtig ti wigena weorSmynd 8et wses wsepna cyst buton hit waes mare Sonne senig monn oSer
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