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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1899-1900-307

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1 department for ladies 303 Propositions Kinds of propositions Reference Mill Bk iv vi Jevons viii Keynes Part II Chap Immediate Inference Opposition of propositions Conversion and Obversion Contraposition Diagrammatic Representations of Propositions Reference Jevons ix Keynes Part II Chaps ii iii iv vi Doctrine of the Predicables Definition and Division Reference Mill Bk vii viii Jevons xii Deduction Rules of the Syllogism Figures and Moods Diagrammatic representation of syllogism Formal fallacies Reference Jevons xv xvi Keynes Part III Chaps 111 10 Hypothetical and disjunctive arguments Dilemmas Reference Jevons xix Keynes Part III Chaps iii vii viii Questions and exercises will be set in connection with each lecture Text-Books Jevons' "Lessons in Logic" Macmillan 3s 6d Mill's Logic Longman 3s 6d Keynes' Formal Logic" Macmillan 10s 6d Lent Term Induction Relation to Deduction Quasi-Inductions Reference Mill Bk III ii Jevons xxiv Ground of Induction Uniformity of Nature Cause and Causation Co-existences Reference Mill Bk III iii iv Venn iii Causation continued Plurality of Causes Obser- ration and experiment Reference Mill Part III vii Jevons xxvii Methods of Induction ×™ ×™ Reference Mill Part III viii and ix Jevons xxviii Venn xvii
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