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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1896-1897-766

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CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS Elements of the Mathematical Theory of Electricity and Magnetism By Thomson Hon Sc Dublin Crown 8vo 10s The Steam Engine and other Heat Engines By Λ Ewing Inst Demy 8vo with Illustrations 15 Geometrical Conies By Mac aula Crown Svo 48 6d Treatise on Analytical Statics By Routh Sc Demy 8vo Vol 148 Vol II 108 Treatise on the Theory of Functions of Complex Variable By Forsyth Sc Hoyal Svo 21s net The Theory of'Differential Equations Part Exact Equations and Pfaff's Problem By Forsyth Sc Demy tfvo 128 Treatise on Plane Trigonometry By Hobson Sc Demy Svo 12s Plane Trigonometry By Loney 78 6d Or in separate Parts Part up to and including the Solution of Triangles 58 Part II Analytical Trigonometry 38 6rf Λ Treatise on Elementary Dynamics By Lonf Crown 8vo Second Edition enlarged 78 66Z Solutions to the Examples in the above Crown 8vo 7s 6d Treatise on Elementary Hydrostatics By Greaves Crown Svo 5s Treatise on Natural Philosophy By Lord Keivin Sir Thomson and Tait Demy 8vo Part 16s Part II 18 Elements of Natural Philosophy By Lord Kelvin Sir Thomson and Tait Demy 8vo 9s Treatise on Geometrical Optics By Heath Second Edition Demy Svo 12s 6d An Elementary Treatise on Geometrical Optics By Heath Crown Svo 58 Cambribgc ttaturai Science Aanuals BIOLOGICAL SERIES General Editor Shipley Fellow and Tutor of Christ's College Practical Physiology of Plants By Darwin Ml and Ε Acton With Illustrations New Edition Crown 8vo 6s Practical Morbid Anatomy By Rolleston and Kanthack Crown 8vo 68 Zoogeography By Bkddard With Maps Crown Svo 68 Elements of Botany ByF Darwin With Illustrations New Edition Crown 8vo 68 PHYSICAL SERIES General Editor Glazebrook Fellow of Trinity College Assistant Director of the Cavendish Laboratory Heat and Xiight By II Glazebrook Crown Svo 58 The two Parts are also published separately Heat 38 Light 38 Mechanics and Hydrostatics By the same Author Part Dynamics 48 Part II Statics 38 Part III Hydrostatics 38 Educational Review -"In detail it is thoroughly sound and scientific The work is the work of teacher and thinker who has avoided no difficulty that the student ought to face and has at the same time given him all the assistance that he has right to expect We hope in the interests both of experimental and mathematical science that the scheme of teaching therein described will be widely followed Electricity and Magnetism By the same Author In the Press Solution and Electrolysis By Whetham Crown 8vo 78 6d Petrology for Students By Harker With Illustrations Crown 8vo 78 6d London CLAY SONS Cambridge University Press Warehouse Ave Maria Lane
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