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CLOTH WORKERS AND SAMBROOKE EXHIBITIONS clxi Give the chemical names and formulae of the following substances pearl ash-sal-ammoniac-caustic soda -nitre -apatite-cinnabar -blende-blue vitriol-alum -water Show by their compounds and various reactions the chemical relationships existing between the elements nitro- gen and phosphorus coI0 For Cloth workers' Science Edliihition only Through what causes have mountains and valleys been produced Show that deltas occurred in prehistoric times Describe glacier and the part it plays in altering the surface of the ground in its vicinity Jive diagrams expressive of the terms overlap syn- clinal false bedding unconformability and oint out their chief features Mention the divisions of the cretaceous formation and those of the tertiary system Draw rough section from London to Brighton and from Hyde to Ventnor Isle of Wight and add explanatory remarks Name and describe three fossils which arc characteristic 0Ā£ deposits belonging to the Palaeozoic period In what part of the geological scries are belemniles minimus holaster planus and micraster coranguimim to be found To what classes of the animal kingdom did they belong State in what respects granite differs from conglo- merate and slate from sandstone Mention few of the substances useful to man that are to be found in the carboniferous trias and liassie strata 10 Where do springs occur and when arc landslips possible VI -iBincralogg Fur Cluthworkcrs Science Exhibition only How many crystallographic systems are in use What 18 their object and upon what principle are they arranged Explain the sphere of projection
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