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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1896-1897-750

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clx CLOTHWORKERs' AND SAMBROOKE EXHIBITIONS from bismuth to antimony and that on causing current of electricity to pass across such junction it is cooled For SambrooJce Exhibition only wire stretched on sounding-board is caused to vibrate by being plucked at one point describe and show how to determine the nature of the vibrations 10 The index of refraction of transparent substance given in the form of prism is to be determined Describe the measurements required and how to make them and give the theory of your method 11 Explain the law of distribution of electric currents among two or more conductors connecting the same two points when the conductors are uniform wires when any one of them is the seat of constant electromotive force 12 Given small delicately suspended magnetic needle and bar magnet describe and explain an accurate method of comparing the magnetic moment of the magnet with the horizontal magnetic force of the Earth If number is obtained as expressing the ratio of the moment of magnet to the horizontal force of the Earth show what are the dimensions of the quantity expressed by it IV -Cijnntetvp Illustrate by an example some method which you would employ for the determination of the atomic weight of an element Describe accurately the phenomena to be observed in the diffusion of gases and show by an example how the determination of the rate of diffusion assists in fixing the atomic weights of gas Oxygen may be prepared from the oxides of mercury and barium Describe the two methods and point out any advantages one may have over the other Describe the various ways in which carbon monoxide may be obtained Give equations expressing the reactions and describe the more important properties of the gas
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