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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1896-1897-749

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CLOTIIWOUKERS' AND SAMBROOKE EXHIBITIONS cllX φ Define the centre of pressure of plane area Find the centre of pressure of vertical triangle with one angular point in the surface of the water and the opposite side horizontal Define the terms work and energy If weight of lbs attached to thread feet long form simple pendulum which oscillates through an angle of 60 find the greatest tension of the thread י י מ יי י ------ III-$ ic Ρ יי Only eight questions to be attempted Investigate the conditions for body to float freely in water '1 -ί י conical vessel floats in water with its axis vertical and apex downwards On filling it with water up to the point on the axis originally at surface level it sinks until its mouth is just on level with the water Find how much of the axis was originally immersed Describe method of determining the specific gravity Ψ of piece of cork by the balance Desciibe the action of Smeaton's single barrel air- pump י Find the density of the air after given number of strokes if the capacity of pump and receiver are known Explain how it is that when the keys of piano are held down the piano is sometimes found to resound to the voice piston is placed in the middle of closed cylinder there being equal quantities of air on each side it is then moved half way towards one end and let go show how to find approximately the greatest velocity when the cylinder is horizontal Describe the construction and explain the method of using some accurate form of air-thermometer Explain how to determine the coefficient of expansion of airunder con- stant pressure Explain how to determine accurately the specific heat of solid body by the method of mixture Describe experiments to prove that when junction of antimony and bismuth is heated an electric current passes
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